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Network Healthcheck


Network Intruments is now Viavi

Welcome to Network Instruments

Co-founded in 1994 Network Instruments were well-known for their Observer family of network analysers. They were acquired by JDSU in January 2014 and when JDSU split into two separate companies in August 2015 they were absorbed by Viavi Solutions.

However the Network Instruments products are still going strong and Viavi Solutions are continuing to develop the Observer and GigaStor product range.

About Open Reality

Open Reality have been selling Network Instruments products since we were founded in 1999. Whilst Network Instruments is now more our strong partnership still endures. So much so that Open Reality is jut one of two Elite Viavi partners in Europe.

About Viavi Solutions

Viavi Solutions (formerly Network Instruments) help deploy, maintain, and optimize the most complex and powerful networks on the planet. From 1G to 5G, from the core to the network edge, their end-to-end solutions provide unprecedented visibility and analytics. This intelligence ensures that end-users enjoy the highest possible quality of experience and application performance.

Viavi enables communication that helps make our lives rich and productiveŚnetworks that connect people, entertain, and enhance our security. To do this, they partner with network operators, providers, and enterprises as they adapt to fast-changing technologies, transform performance with actionable network insights, and thrive with unmatched assurance and innovative, profitable services.

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