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Network Healthcheck

The Observer Platform

PDF icon Observer Platform Overview

The Observer Platform is a full-service IT solution for optimizing application and network performance management. Each part of the system fits perfectly with all other components, and increases capabilities, power, and speed.

Observer Performance Management Platform

Observer Management Server

Observer Management Server (OMS) supports deployments of the Observer Platform with centralized authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA). Manage AAA to all of your network assets with drag-and-drop functionality on an easy, highly visual control interface. Add, change, or delete users with a click of the mouse while safeguarding sensitive user data in transit with TLS-based communication security.

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Observer Apex

Observer Apex is a stand-alone appliance that simultaneously collects and aggregates data from Observer GigaStor, Observer Probes, NetFlow devices, and other collection agents.

Apex fully integrates high-level monitoring with detailed problem-solving capabilities on a single platform. Combine Apex with multiple Observer Analyzer and Observer GigaStor installations to gain long-term aggregated views of network activities and to correlate network, application and infrastructure performance.

Beyond providing an easy-to-access view of network performance, reports can be segmented by individual business units, user groups, or infrastructure types. This means you can quickly view bandwidth utilization or application use by department.

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Observer Analyzer

Analyzer is often connected with GigaStor, and Apex to increase management performance power.

  • Use Analyzer with GigaStor for long-term data capture and in-depth analysis on historical events.
  • Analyzer is also used with GigaStor for forensics analysis and stream reconstruction.
  • Analyzer pairs with Apex for high-level or aggregate reporting, enterprise-wide reporting, and global alerting.

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Observer GigaStor

As an integral part of the Observer Platform, GigaStor plays a key role in creating IT management solutions for complex environments and supporting the success of enterprise-wide IT initiatives.

GigaStor specifically works in tandem with Observer Apex, Observer Analyzer, and Observer SightOps, as well as third-party systems to provide the following benefits.

  • Post-event packet storage to more than a petabyte for fast and thorough problem resolution
  • Automatic analysis launch within 3rd-party tools
  • Exportation to captures to security devices, compliance tools, and other network analyzers
  • Accelerated troubleshooting
  • High-speed data captures on fully saturated links for complete data collection
  • Comprehensive network health views

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Observer Probes

Observer Probes work with Analyzer consoles for analysis and Apex for high-level performance visibility.

  • Probes work with Analyzer to provide Distributed Analysis which includes: App Performance Analysis, App Transaction Analysis, comparison analysis, traffic flows, visibility into other environments, and more.
  • Paired with Analyzer, Probes also provide detailed information across multiple segments, multiple locations, and across heterogeneous environments.
  • Probes provide remote visibility when used with Apex, a data source for the high-level reporting environment.
  • Drilldown from Apex into Probes provides root-cause analysis for problem resolution.

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Observer SightOps

SightOps plays a key role in providing comprehensive awareness into hybrid IT infrastructure status while simultaneously enabling correlation between underlying resource health and network traffic behavior. SightOps specifically works in tandem with Observer Analyzer and Observer GigaStor to provide the following benefits:

  • Integrates SightOps infrastructure intelligence with GigaStor packet capture network traffic service awareness for streamlined troubleshooting
  • Automates GigaStor data mining with flexible user-defined alerts to shorten MTTR or perform manual one-click packet extraction for custom service anomaly investigations
  • Alert on SNMP alarms generated by GigaStor and Analyzer based on detected service anomalies
  • Monitor the health of all Observer platform software and hardware assets

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Observer Matrix

Observer Matrix integrates with the entire Network Instruments Observer Platform. Specifically, it perfectly complements Observer GigaStor, maximizing the value of the appliance by manipulating packets (de-duping, slicing, etc.) and transmitting only relevant data to the device, thereby freeing up its system resources to focus on what it does best; applying advanced analytics for rapid troubleshooting.

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Observer nTAPs

nTAPs are passive devices installed on critical links for 24/7 access to traffic without disrupting data flow. They keep traffic flowing even when power doesn’t. With streamlined form factors and an array of configuration options, nTAPs feed network analyzers, monitoring tools, and security devices while decreasing the risk of dropped data. Quick to deploy and economical to implement, network nTAPs provide devices with the comprehensive visibility needed for optimal performance management.

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