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Products > Observer Probes > Observer 10 Gb Probes

Observer 10 Gb Probes

Observer Probes

Probes offer full-duplex, wire-speed capture and analysis on Gigabit and 10 Gb links. The Observer Performance Management Platform excels in Gigabit and 10 Gb monitoring because of its superior hardware technology built on the internally designed Gen2 capture card. The Gen2 guarantees full-duplex, wire-speed monitoring and analysis.

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis technologies include:

  • Real-Time Expert
  • UC
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Aggregate Performance Monitoring

Technical Specifications

Standard Memory

32 GB RAM (16 for operating system, 16 for Observer Analyzer)

Gigabit Link Support

1, 2, 4, or 6 Links (2, 4, 8, and 12 ports)

Additional Hardware

Includes network TAPs and media kit(s)

Capture Card

Custom-designed full-duplex Gen2 Gigabit Capture Card

Key Remote Capabilities:

Web-based management
Graceful power shutdown, startup, and reboot
Pager and email alerts

Power Consumption (Full Load)

Input voltage: 100V-240V auto select
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
260W (887 Btu/h) (1, 2, or 4 Links)
267W (911 Btu/h) (6 Links)

Operating Temperature

32 F (0 C) to 104 F (40 C)

Dimensions (1, 2, or 4 Links)

2U 19-inch rack-mountable appliance
19 in (W) x 3.48 in (H) x 26.01 in (mounting depth)
(Full depth with handles: 28 in)
48.3 cm (W) x 8.8 cm (H) x 66.1 cm (mounting depth)
(Full depth with handles: 71.1 cm)

Dimensions (6 Links)

4U 19-inch rack-mountable appliance
16.75 in (W) x 6.94 in (H) x 26.38 in (mounting depth)
(Full probe depth with handles: 28.13 in)
42.5 cm (W) x 17.6 cm (H) x 67.0 (mounting depth)
(Full probe depth with handles: 71.5 cm)

Weight (1, 2, or 4 Links)

55 lbs (25 kg) / mounting rails: 9 lbs (4.1 kg)

Weight (6 Links)

47 lbs (21 kg) / mounting rails: 9 lbs (4.1kg)

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