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Network Healthcheck
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Observer Apex

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Observer Analyzer

Aggregated Dashboard Views of Network and Device Health in a User-Friendly, Web-Based Interface

Observer Apex provides a centralized vantage point for network performance across all of the Observer Performance Management Platform. It combines flow technologies, captured packets, system health, and expert analysis to provide an overall picture of service health. Apex presents integrated views of application, network, and infrastructure performance to ensure critical business processes function smoothly and IT organizational goals are supported.

Standalone, or integrated via RESTful API to any third-party solution, Apex delivers macro and micro reporting with deep drilldown power and provides baselines with real-time and historical views for proactive intervention and assessing future network trends.



  • User-friendly interface with intuitive, web-based functionality
  • Library of pre-built widgets designed to get you up and running fast
  • Widget creation tool for customization of views and easier data sharing
  • Aggregated views of network, application, and device health
  • Navigation from high-level monitoring to root-cause analysis
  • Optimization of performance metrics through baselining
  • Drilldown from performance dashboards into link, user, and connection details
  • Detailed metrics on important applications such as Citrix, Oracle, WebSphere MQ, email, and Web
  • Real-time application health on a global scale with NetFlow
  • Monitoring of end-user experience agnostic to access method
  • Gen2 Capture Card

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Intuitive Interface and Workflows

The strength of Observer Apex is the speed and accuracy with which it helps resolve problems. Its unique solution-centered, user-defined workflows offer an intuitive approach to investigating and resolving performance problems. The newly designed web-based user interface (UI) features pre-built widgets to get you up and running fast. Get the high-granularity one-minute resolution performance management metrics you seek with the easy widget creation tool that facilitates the sharing of data with other business units.

Performance Reporting

Apex offers a top-down approach that combines enterprise-wide views, macro and micro-level reporting, and deep drilldown for better problem resolution. With its intuitive UI, Apex serves as a performance management hub, combining packet-based analytics and metrics like flow-based data and status – giving you an overall view of network, system, application, and infrastructure health.

Borderless Service Collaboration

Third-party integration and multi-domain reporting are facilitated via RESTful API. Integrate your performance management solutions now for ultimate visibility. Share and manage performance data with complementary IT initiatives like event management or service orchestration. All configuration, management, and data can be accessed, controlled, or modified externally in an automated fashion.

Application and Transaction Intelligence

Apex offers application dependency mapping (ADM), which automates discovery of app interdependencies, building maps that visualize these complex relationships with simplified clarity. It provides critical information for locating issues and migrating applications to new environments. Improved transaction reporting and enhanced end-user web visibility are also functionalities of Apex.

Behavioral Analysis & Baselining

Use Apex advanced behavioral analysis and baselining to establish benchmarks for any performance or time-based metric. This includes application response time, VoIP, MOS values, or network utilization. Apex leverages advanced heuristics to quantify the unique behavioral characteristics of your environment, enabling you to quickly determine if application delivery and performance is acceptable based on your network’s distinct traffic patterns or compare performance from different periods of time.

For example, compare application performance for every Wednesday for the last six weeks, or the 15th of every month for the last three months. Set alarms to be immediately alerted when performance metrics have reached marginal or critical thresholds so network teams can tackle issues before they impact the user. Once optimal baselines are established, lock baselines to eliminate issues of drift.

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