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Observer Matrix

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Observer Matrix

Replicate, Aggregate or Load Balance Tool Traffic Without Restriction

Observer Matrix Network Monitoring Switch is the perfect device to enhance the power of your monitoring appliances. Designed from the ground-up, the Matrix uses a modern HTML5 GUI and the best underlying hardware technology for optimal ease of use and performance. Stop compromising simple configurability or giving up on powerful switch features and functionality. With Matrix quickly leverage all your legacy monitoring tools, and get the right data to the right tool in a timely manner. IT teams will benefit with features such as:

  • Industry's first rule-based interface makes packet manipulation and filtering a breeze
  • Drag-and-drop GUI network-tool port connectivity provides the ultimate in flexible traffic flow configuration, visualization, and management
  • Cost-effective design means pay for only those monitoring resources you need while making 24 port expansion simple
  • Traffic pre-processing which can extend the life of legacy monitoring equipment or dramatically increase tool efficiency
  • Selectively directing and passing only the most critical traffic making the transition to 10 Gb less painful

Matrix achieves all this by exploiting the core Network Instruments competency; placing high-end functionality and components directly into a custom hardware design rather than implementing an invariably slower solution in software. Wrapping it all together in a modern GUI makes it unique in the industry and offers the best of both worlds—extreme performance and incredible usability.



  • Flexible port assignments (any port can serve as a network or tool port)
  • Perform complex filtering using a GUI and/or BPF language
  • Replicate, aggregate, or load balance tool traffic without restriction
  • Scale to 24 ports of gigabit or 10 Gb and beyond
  • Choose IEEE-1588 (PTP), GPS, or NTP time stamp options
  • RESTful API to monitor and/or manage the Matrix with third party apps

PDF icon Observer Matrix Brochure

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Observer Matrix has been designed from the ground-up with an entirely new HTML5 interface that makes configuration, programming, and management incredibly easy. Plug-and-play simplicity translates into a total typical setup time of ten minutes. Everything about the user experience is painless; change traffic patterns in 2 seconds, load balance in 2 mouse-clicks, replicate traffic in 1 mouse click. We do this all with a new "rules" based paradigm that integrates traffic flow configuration and management into a single, centralized approach rather than scattered across ingress and egress ports. Getting the optimized network data to the right tool with a network monitoring switch has never been so simple.

Comprehensive Functionality

All good network monitoring switches include capabilities like aggregation, load balancing, speed conversion, and traffic replication. The Matrix does all this and more. Developed to provide deep packet manipulation, every Matrix includes user configurable de-duplication, packet trimming, multiple time-stamp options, and the most powerful yet simple to use filtering in the market.

We've made constructing even the most complex filter expressions a snap, allowing you to write Boolean expressions directly in BPF syntax, or leverage the GUI and use variables including clients or servers, applications, packet length, and port number.


When we say it scales, we mean it. Matrix is designed for trouble-free growth up to 24 ports per enclosure. What's more, the product can fully support gigabit or 10 Gb, without restrictions on whether the ports act as network or tool connections. Up to 8 ports can act as tool ports simultaneously. Additionally, multiple Matrix units can be daisy-chained to grow beyond 24 ports for larger data center deployments.

Cost Effective

Like all Network Instruments products, Matrix is completely designed and built by our expert hardware and software development teams. This results in a significant cost advantage compared to competitors. Add-on port license upgrades are also sensibly priced ensuring your monitoring dollars go further. Another tradition we maintain is to never nickel-and-dime customers with more fees to acquire functions that should be included right out of the box. Our pricing is all inclusive.

Third Party Integration

We've included a RESTful API enabling the Matrix to share information with third party apps and/or enabling it to be managed and configured remotely by higher level management tools.

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